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China National Quality Supervision Testing Center for Industrial Explosive Materials,as well as the Chemical Materials Testing Center of Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST), China National work safety Administration Testing Center for Industrial Explosive Materials ( Nanjing),Nanjing Ligong Chemicals Testing service Co., Ltd, locating in NJUST, is authorized as a national special testing organization for industrial explosive materials and chemicals.

This Center was established in 1985. Owing to the effort, heritage and development of several generations of the leaderships, besides the full-time test items for industrial explosive Materials , the examination scope of the center has extended to the identification of cargo transport risk ,classification of hazardous materials, identification of physical danger of chemicals , identification of evidences relevant to explosion in cases from public security organs, test of military product, lithium battery ,flame-proof material, dust explosion and vibration?of?blasting,research on test methods, educational training. Up to now, more than 200 test items of the center have been authorized. The product test reports from the center are recognized by world’s 35 countries and districts. It is a legal examination agency having a status of third-party justness.

The test business of the center is dominated by the National Ministry of Industry and Information 、State Administration of Work Safety ,State Administration of Coal Mine Safety,Certification and Accreditation?Administration of China(CNCA)、China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). The company business is administrated by General Administration of Civil Aviation of China and Airline companies. The administration of the center is dominated by NJUST.

The center now has 56 staffs with 93% technical ones, among which 11 staffs have doctoral degree, 32 staffs have the title of engineer,15 staffs have senior title. With a total construction area of 5854 m2 for examining and an area of 56600 m2 for explosion testing, it has more than 300 equipments.

The Center is established as an independent agency with 7 studios downstairs: office, experimental lab, equipment studio, archives, classification lab , financial studio, training studio. Two offices of the company are respectively set up in NJUST and the Nanjing Lukou airport. The center or company , independently, provides documents,and takes businesses of examination, identification, training.

Warmly welcomes old and new friends at home and abroad visiting our center or company for technical communication and guide or business negotiations. Director of the center/manager of the company , with all staff always adhere to the third-party impartial status and the quality policy “Science, Justness, Integrity、efficiency”, follow the purpose of high quality service “Scientific method, advanced technology, justness attitude, highest quality service”, broaden the technical ability, strive to improve the quality of the examination, and service for the customer wholeheartedly.